Revelator started as an online collaborative project in 2011, and matured into a live indie rock band with the release of their 2017 album #Muricana. Heath Lane and Jon Rasmussen have been with the project from the start, acting as the creative force for the album. Patrick Foard and William Smith have joined the band to bring the sound to the stage and bring their own input into new music going forward.

On the latest record and in their live performance, they blend a post-grunge indie rock sound with touches of the small town south, both lyrically and rhythmically, to create something fresh that conveys a sense of nostalgia at the same time.

Heath Lane guitar/backing vocals

Heath delivers layered riff-first sounds that provide a complementary piece to the vocals with the ability to flash his brilliance when unleashed. With influences ranging from the classic metal of AC/DC to the post-punk of Public Image, LTD to the alternative rock of The Replacements and Foo Fighters, he has a rarefied approach to instrumentation developed through his own solo work and his work with bands such as Left of the Dial and The Fencejumpers. He has become a seasoned player on the local scene, playing with bands such as The Oath and Barcode, and brings a stage presence that it is hard to quantify.
Heath believes in matching the gear to the sound and doesn’t feel limited by the label on a piece of equipment. Live, he tends toward a Gibson or Epiphone SG, a Fender/Squier/mutt telecaster, or any of a number of custom guitars, strung with Ernie Ball strings, and running through ZVEX “Box of Rock”, DigiTech “Bad Monkey”, and BOSS “Blues Driver” pedals into either a Marshall JTM-30 or Fender Super Sonic combo amp.

Jon Rasmussen

Drawing from the more emotional lyrics of Vedder and Kowalczyk, and somehow mixing them with some of the more down-to-earth and sometimes ironic sensibilities of Ben Folds, Jon Rasmussen spins stories that are relatable and incite emotion. His vocals are reminiscent of classic alternative bands like Soul Asylum, with a bit of a southern lilt, for flavor. All of Jon’s vocals are recorded using Blue microphones.

William Smith bass

William Smith mixes early post-punk and alternative influences to help bridge the gap between the drums and guitar. The former Primary Pulse (Seattle) bassist helps form a solid base for Heath’s rhythms. He rocks a Fender combo amp, but made it clear that he would sell out if offered something better.

Patrick Foard

A veteran of such bands as Zaba Grace, Left of the Dial, and Barcode, Patrick Foard pulls from classic rock drummers Starr and Bonham, as well as more contemporary influences like Chad Smith, Taylor Hawkins, and Josh Eppard to inform his drumming. With an approach that places an emphasis on time and tempo, he has a simple, yet nuanced, approach that informs and enhances those that play with him. Patrick uses either a Gretsch Catalina birch or a vintage ‘60s Slingerland 3-piece kit with Evans heads, Zildjian ride and splash cymbals, and Sabian crashes and hi-hats.