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Isolation is Inspiration

In the post-2016 era, many of us have pulled away from the greater society to focus on smaller things, more pressing issues, and generally band together with those we believe we can trust. Our world is pushing towards isolationism, and we must resist these urges. We must break the hold of fear and hatred that is spreading around us to find the inspiration to move forward.
releases July 12, 2019


"There is definitely something about it, the combo of hooks that are good and the voice that doesn’t seem to give a damn to be seated entirely within them; standing up proudly at times like a kid that is proud to self celebrate its birthday party. High on a chair, far above the other children! But the combo of them all together, being their wonderful selves and enjoying each other’s musical companionship is a nice thing to hear. It’s good to keep things real, down to earth and passionate..."
 -Yeah I Know It Sucks

#Muricana was released on August 22, 2017. It features a more refined and stripped down sound than previous releases. With this album, Revelator has locked in a post-grunge indie rock sound with a touch of Americana sensibilities.

Tracks labeled “(acoustic)” are stripped down versions of songs found on previous albums. Those original tracks that are currently out of print are included on the Digital 7″ releases.

The album is available on most streaming services and CDs can be purchased from Amazon.

"In this age of the relentless rapid division of musical sub-genres, it is rare to hear something that has that original alt-rock feel; nebulous musical experimentation that refuses to be pigeon-holed.

#Muricana is the gospel according to artsy alt-rockers Revelator, and it is a message of the pain that accompanies healing, growth, and self-discovery."
 -Houdini Mansions

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