Rage (Hoodoo Session)

In 2016 we stood with the Natives at Standing Rock to fight the oppression of our government and the oil industry. Then we got distracted and abandoned the fight.


Fanfare tells the story of a friend who brought his music and his inspiration to the children of SC. The song and video dance between a celebration of his life and a mourning of his death to pay homage to a man we lost too soon.

A Conversation With God About Family

Our first video, edited using Lightworks, and featuring Grandma’s House, The 306, that wall near Concrete Castle, and a quick flash of The Radio Room. A Conversation With God About Family is from our latest album #Muricana.

Almost There (HooDoo Session)

The first single off of #Muricana, Almost There is a dynamic romp of unrequited love.